T-Shirt orders must be in no later than Friday, Feb. 27.
Men's:    $13.00        Women's:    $12.00
Checks should be made payable to John Schertzinger.
If you have any questions please call John S. at 270-315-9791
WKTD #20 Team Meeting Dates:

Your attendance is important and required to serve on a team.
Please be at as many of the meetings that you can.

Fri, Feb. 27  6-9    New Work Fellowship (Hopkinsville)
Sat, Mar. 7   9-1   Trigg Co. Family Worship Center (Cadiz)
*TCFWC will be serving a Baked Spaghetti meal following the team meeting on March 7th
$5 donation to help raise money to send children and youth to church camp this summer.

Rectors are still making calls.  Please contact John Hutchens or Stephanie Schertzinger if interested in serving.

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